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Your most valued asset is your people. Corporations need to do all they can to retain good employees and reduce company turnover. We are excited to bring new solutions to your business. 


In today's current climate, people are more stressed than ever at home and at work. There are more distractions and feelings of dissatisfaction and chaos. Your employees deserve and need your support more than before.  The added bonuses of fresh air and a four-legged mentor who is a master of mindfulness, leadership, communication and never passes judgment don't hurt either. 


We know the calming benefit horses bring to people feeling stress. Our retreats combine experiential equine activities with specific skill-building that include, but are not limited to, communication, collaboration, leadership, and many other skills that directly affect the health of workplace culture today. ​


Give us a call or complete the CONTACT US form and tell us about your organization, what needs you have, and how many are in your group. We custom-design our organizational EAL (Equine-Assisted Learning) programs to meet your goals and with your team-building needs in mind.

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