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Resa Sandora

Resa Sandora, LCSW, is a Kentucky native with a strong core belief that she is called to leave the world better than she found it.  She has worked with young children pretty much since she was one herself.  Including roles and positions of nanny, childcare worker, camp counselor, play therapist, and worked within schools, homes, and childcare centers. 


Upon graduating with her Master’s degree in Social Work, she moved to FL and worked with multiple agencies. One of which was  Orange County Head Start, which encompasses Orlando and the surrounding areas.  While there, she saw children for individual and family counseling, provided parent and staff education and classroom observations.  


Resa’s current position is Early Childhood Consultant with Seven Counties Services in Louisville, KY. She works to facilitate the healthy growth and development of children 0-5 exposed to opioids and other substances. Providing support and education to their parents, guardians, families, and caregivers.  


Resa is also the proud mother of two young adult women and a couple of much-loved fur babies. Also, she has a small private practice where she sees individuals of all ages in Jeffersonville, IN.

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